Nathan McGanty

Nathan was chosen as recipient of the SE Chapter’s President’s Award for 2015/2016 due to his continued commitment and the fact he excels in the performance of his duties.

Nathan, a board member, displayed the aptitude of leader and was assigned as the Chair of Sponsors/Exhibitors Committee, Website/Social Media Committee, as well as Chair of the E-Newsletter/Photography Committee.  In addition, he served on similar committees for the International. 

Nathan’s role as Chairman of the Sponsors/Exhibitors Committee was an integral component in the success of this year’s joint conference with the International.  Nathan worked tireless to solicit, secure, and retain sponsors and exhibitors. His efforts to make our sponsors/vendors feel included, and a necessary as part of the organization, were clearly on display through his continued interactions with those sponsors/vendors during the conference.

Nathan guided the SE Chapter through a website redevelopment, developed new and innovative approaches to the conference registration process, and continued to work on improvements in the realm of social media. Nathan consistently strived to strengthen the Chapter’s communication process with members as well as others of the profession.

Nathan McGanty has proven to be an invaluable asset to the SE Chapter.  Nathan McGanty embodies the future of the SE Chapter.