Christopher McDonold

The Lifetime Achievement Award is a prestigious honor that is not given lightly within IAATI. That is why it is an honor for me to nominate Christopher T. McDonold to receive this award. Chris started with the SERC in 1994 while a Detective with Baltimore County Police Department. His police career spanning 24 years including assignment to the Baltimore Regional Auto Theft Team, which is comprised of members from Baltimore County, Baltimore City, and Maryland State Police. He was also responsible for the development and implementation of the Automatic License Plate Reader Program (ALPR) for Baltimore County and managed the day to day use of the 23 LPR's that were deployed. Chris retired in 2012. 

Chris presently serves as the Deputy Director for the Maryland Vehicle Theft Prevention Council-Department of State Police, where his responsibilities include grants and awards for motor vehicle theft intervention programs to establish or assist in the reduction in the incidence of vehicle theft and related crimes and to identify priorities for the theft prevention strategies in the state. 

During his 20 years within IAATI, he has risen through the ranks of both the SERC & the International Chapter, serving as president of both organizations. Chris was the SE-IAATI President for 2003-2004 & is its current Treasurer. He served as International President 2010-2011, and serves as the Chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee. Chris was the former Certification Committee Chairman & almost single handedly administered this program throughout the entire organization for many years. He has co-written two investigative manuals that have become the source books for both the (Level I) Certified Investigator and (Level II) Advanced Investigator tests. Chris was also instrumental in the selection/creation of the materials and test for the Master Investigator level (Level III). Additionally, Chris authored "The Changing Face of Vehicle Theft” for IACP Police Chief Magazine (July 2011 Issue). In my 10 years with SE-IAATI I can attest that at every annual conference Chis (and often his family), serving the Chapter in the set–up & registration process. Chris is always there to lend a hand. He is a dedicated contributor to the success of every conference. Chris McDonald has been a mentor and proven leader for many within the International Chapter, but more so, an adviser to so many within the SE Chapter. 

Today Chris also serves on the IACP Vehicle Theft Committee as its Chairman. It is with the greatest confidence, that I feel the Awards Committee will see fit to bestow the Lifetime Achievement Award to this dedicated servant leader.