This award shall be presented to an individual, unit, or department who has displayed excellence throughout the year in the field of Vehicle Identification and/or Recovery.

These actions can include, but not limited to:

{C}a.    A large scale investigation involving multiple vehicles, jurisdictions, or suspects.

{C}b.    Innovative ideas or programs which resulted in a positive impact on the community.

{C}c.     Large or unique vehicle recoveries.

{C}d.    Any other actions, programs, or investigations deemed appropriate by the Awards Committee.

Any nominee who was nominated for but not selected for the Award of Merit shall receive a Certificate of Merit.

The Southeast Regional Chapter shall furnish the recipient(s) of this award:

A certificate signed by the President of the Southeast Chapter and the Awards Committee Chairman depicting the name of the award, the recipient’s name, date and location of presentment.

There is no maximum number of these awards that can presented each year.

This award will be presented by the President and the Chairman of the Awards Committee during the Opening Ceremonies of the Annual Training Seminar.





This award will be presented to a person who has over the course of their career and association with the Southeast Regional Chapter displayed actions that greatly influenced the chapter and the goals of IAATI and who have distinguished themselves by service to the association or for other outstanding acts in the vehicle theft field. Candidates are selected based upon extraordinary service to the association and not for those services normally required of association members or for other significant acts bringing favorable credit to the association or its members.

The Awards Committee shall take due diligence in considering all nominations to insure anyone selected for the award fulfills the criteria described in paragraph 1 of this section. Due to the prestigious nature of the Lifetime Achievement Award, this award may not be presented each year.

The name of the recipient shall not be disclosed to anyone outside the committee until presentation.   

When a qualified recipient is selected, the award will be presented at the Banquet during the Annual Training Seminar by the Chairman of the Awards Committee.