Interested in being a host agency for a conference?

We are always looking for new conference venues & agencies willing to co-host a conference.  (Currently looking for 2019 and beyond)

What we need from a hosting agency in general?

  • Your agency/designee will work closely with our conference on-site committee on all aspects of the upcoming event.
  • You will be asked to assist in making arrangements for local event transportation, on-site support, assist our sponsor/exhibit committee with local contacts.
  • Your departments commitment to support you in co-hosting this LE conference/training event.

What are requirements for the area?

  • Accommodations must be sufficient to meet our conference size requirements.
  • Must have adaquate lodging accommodations and meeting space for attendees.
  • Should have local points of interest/attractions/concurrent events of interest, outside the conference location.
  • Must be close enough to an airport (preferably an International) to accommodate easy access to the conference site for attendees.

To learn more, request our “Host Agency Conference Guide" and review initial requirements-Click Here