2019 Virginia State Police HEAT Training Grant Funding

Dear Chief/Sheriff,

The Virginia Help Eliminate Auto Theft (HEAT) Program is a statewide cooperative effort of the Department of State Police and local law enforcement agencies. The goal of the HEAT Program is to decrease auto thefts adverse impact upon automobile insurance premiums by reducing the number of vehicles stolen each year.

To accomplish this, the HEAT Program supports initiatives to increase auto theft arrests, stolen vehicle recoveries, intelligence gathering, and crime prevention activities. I am pleased to announce a HEAT initiative that I believe will help increase arrests and recoveries.

To enhance Virginia's auto theft enforcement capabilities, the HEAT Program has allocated funds to provide auto theft investigation training grants. The HEAT Program authorized up to $2,000 of grant funding to send auto theft investigators and/or investigators who investigate auto theft-related crimes to the following International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI) training seminar:

Southeast Region International Association of Auto Theft Investigators
Training Seminar 

June 2-6, 2019
Lexington, Kentucky

An agency must have at least one full-time auto theft investigator or an investigator of auto theft-related crimes to be eligible for this funding. Authorized expenditures include seminar tuition/registration, lodging, meals, and transportation. Awards for any agency desiring to send two investigators are based upon double occupancy.

To apply for this HEAT funding, please submit a written request indicating:

the officer(s) that will attend the training;a detailed list of projected costs;your agency's Federal Identification Number (FIN); and,your agency's contact person (name and telephone number) for this request.

Your request should be mailed/emailed to:

First Sergeant Thomas Molnar
Virginia State Police
Post Office Box 27472
Richmond, VA 23261-7472

Applications for funding for authorized expenditures will be approved on a first come basis. Please have your application in by March 15, 2019. Approved funding will be provided via electronic transfer to your agency or jurisdiction utilizing the FIN provided.

If you desire additional information regarding this funding opportunity or the HEAT Program, please contact First Sergeant Thomas Molnar by telephone at (804) 674-2586 or at the email address shown above.

This ability to provide specialized auto theft investigation training for investigators provides Virginia's law enforcement agencies with an excellent opportunity to turn up the HEAT on auto thieves by renewing our focus on Virginia's costly auto theft problem. I invite you to participate in this cooperative effort.

Your continued support and participation in HEAT initiatives are greatly appreciated.


Col. Gary T. Settle