Virginia State Police HEAT Program

The Virginia State Police HEAT program has a 25 year history of auto theft investigation and prevention programs.  The program has been awarded many prestigious awards such as the 2017 IACP Leadership in the Prevention of Vehicle Crimes Award and the Booz Allen Hamilton Leadership in the Prevention of Terrorism Award.  These are all very noteworthy awards and the Virginia State Police HEAT Unit has been a big supporter of SERC-IAATI.

However, this year with the 44th Annual Conference being in the home state of Virginia, the VSP HEAT Unit rolled out the red carpet and extended its’ hospitality to the SERC.   The VSP provided instructors for some of the training sessions, set up an exhibit for the attendees to learn more about the HEAT programs, and gave a grant to make some of the events at the conference possible.

The 2018 SERC-IAATI 44th Annual Conference was a huge success thanks in large part to the Virginia State Police HEAT Unit.