Jim Frauenhoffer

Det. Jim Frauenhoffer a Baltimore Police Detective who has been assigned the Baltimore Regional Auto Theft (RATT) Task Force since 1995, was asked to participate part time with this “Dirt bike Task Force” based on his expertise with motorcycle theft and identification. He spearheaded a few notable long term investigations regarding the organized thefts of motorcycles, which ultimately resulted in the dismantling of several theft rings. Most notably, a gang member on Baltimore’s east side was the leader of a team of thieves who were routinely committing burglaries in Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia motorcycle shops and dealerships, to fuel Baltimore’s demand for dirt bikes. By the end of the summer of 2016, the gang leader was behind bars on numerous counts of theft, burglary, and is still pending prosecution from several surrounding jurisdictions. He was able to close a series of cases in which over 3 dozen motorcycles were stolen from dealerships. Although he wasn’t directly involved with the charging from many of these investigations, the information that he developed on the suspect and the recoveries made from the suspect, helped point a variety of investigators to focus on the suspect. Without his evidence and hands on work, those cases could not have been made.