2019 Conference Class and Activity Information

This is your one stop shop for the training that will be provided for the 2019 Conference in Lexington, KY.   As things get more formalized through the course of the year this is where you can look to see what classes will be provided.  We also plan on placing a printable schedule so you can plan ahead of time.  Please like or follow us on Twitter and Facebook so you know when we provide updates.

Activity Update:

(Subject to Change)

  • BBQ Social Networking Event (TBD)

  • Additional Banquet Ticket ($50.00)

  • More detailed info coming as activities confirmed.

Look at just some of the fun we have at our Banquet...from 50/50 raffles to Flat Screen TV's.....We are not just about the classes.

2019 Conference Class Update:
Class Schedule is currently being worked on:

Tentative list of classes for NCRC/SERC Training Seminar: June 2-6

(Accurate as of 2/12/2019)

1.    Turning Cars into Cash (Finance Fraud)

2.    An Update on Leveraging Vehicle Technologies to Fight Vehicle Crime (GM)

3.    ATV Identification

4.    Motorcycle Identification

5.    Trailer Identification

6.    Get Online to Fight the Crime (Tips for using digital information)

7.    Can You Find Me Now? (Historical cell phone data in investigations)

8.    Corvette Identification

9.    Combating Counterfeit Auto Components


11.  Cybercrimes (General session with Hale Guyer www.haleguyer.com Has appeared on Court TV and various news outlets. Includes demonstrations of various gadgets used by criminals)