Chesapeake Police Department 2nd Precinct A Squad

This group only patrols 11.8 miles of the over 353 square miles the city encompasses. They also face the most complex calls for service and 2nd highest, if not highest at times, call volume by precinct.

When they get extra time they continue to push themselves and be proactive. This dedication led them to over 12 stolen vehicle recoveries with most of them occupied at the time leading to arrests or furthering an investigation. As an example some vehicles were used in other crimes such as larceny from vehicles and burglaries. Some suspects were driving under the influence and as far as Texas.

While the number of recoveries were great it does not include a big case in which two juveniles had been calling in fake food delivery orders and stealing the vehicles from the drivers. These incidents spanned over several months and quickly escalated to carjacking after beginning as non-confrontational. After a failed carjacking attempt during which A Squad was working a good description was obtained and given out to the squad. Over an hour later while still in the area the suspects were located. A foot pursuit initiated and because of a coordinated effort but were taken in to custody closing many cases and putting local businesses at ease. Just recently they both plead guilty to several of the incidents. Since their arrest these type incidents of ceased.